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Beginning Blogging

This is it, after years of playing with the idea of creating a blog, I have finally created my very first  post. Welcome to Beyond the Flightdeck! I had the idea of creating my own little space on the internet since my initial flight training, as I often was approached, mostly online, and asked about the best route to become an airline pilot. It seemed like a great idea having a diary online where I could share my own personal journey to 37,000ft. Although I would have loved to start my project then, I just didn’t have the energy to spend more time sat at a desk, whilst studying for the 14 theoretical exams that I needed for my pilot’s licence. Fast forward 4 years; and after living in 4 different countries, flying over 1,200 hours and creating some incredible friendships and memories, I finally have my dream job and lots more time on my hands! I’m settled in my new home, near Dublin, Ireland, and I have years of inspiration, experiences and photographs that I can now share the way that I originally wanted to. 

I hope you enjoy following me on my journey as I start my own blog, inspired by my own passion for getting lost in the Internet after a long day flying. The original plan is to post a couple of times a month, and I’ll be writing more as my ideas continue to grow. I have so many things I am excited to share; I would like to talk more about my journey to becoming a pilot, previous and planned travels, and a little bit on my favourite beauty items. I hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts just as much as I do creating them.

Thanks for reading!


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