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Chiang Mai Flower Festival

I was lucky enough to visit Chiang Mai during its 41st Flower Festival, a celebration held every year during the first week of February. The city, also affectionately nicknamed 'Rose of the North', lives up its name and is transformed to showcase local flowers and beautiful plants, especially a variety of the Damask Rose, which is only found in Chiang Mai!

24 Hours in Bangkok

Bangkok has recently become the most visited city in the world; so chances are if you’re visiting Thailand, your first stop will be the City of Angels. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of things to see and do, with the contrast between the serene temples and the crazy hustle and bustle making it feel like you’re in two different locations at once. Although there’s an endless amount of culture and tourism in Bangkok, I felt that 24 hours was more than enough time for the city to make a grand impression. Here’s my guide to a short stay in Thailand’s capital!