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Flying With LogTen Pro

As a pilot, it's important to keep track of the hours we fly. There are various rules and regulations regarding the amount of time we can operate monthly and annually, and once we reach a certain amount of total hours our employers may decide that we are qualified to land the aircraft in stronger winds, or be ready for an upgrade to the left-hand seat and to become a Captain. 

For the last year, I've been useless at keeping my paper logbook up to date, and although I'm always aware that the hours I'm flying are legal, I've let my logbook get so out of date that it's ended up becoming a big job to add up the total amount of hours I've completed. Coradine state that their LogTen Pro app is the 'world's most advanced pilot logbook software', so I tried it for a month and here's my opinion...

I have previously used the app on my Macbook, so I was familiar with LogTen Pro and how the software worked on my laptop. All the information that I had previously submitted easily synced across to my phone, including aircraft types, airports, and other crew. Within the app, I can see all my previous entries, broken down into sections such as instrument time, aircraft type, and pilot in command (PIC). I can sort this further into all entries, or from specific time periods (last week, month or year). 

Uploading the day's flights is quick and simple using the app's 'fly now' feature, where the current time is uploaded in the 'Off Blocks' section, as well as the nearest airport to your location, the crew, and aircraft from the previous flight. When arriving 'On Blocks' again, pressing a button saves the current time. Further details can be easily changed or edited with a click of a button, and every flight only took me a couple of seconds to upload and save. 

The app also features an automatic 'night mode', changing the app's background to black and making it easier on the eyes when using LogTen Pro in a dark flight deck. I loved the concept of the idea, but I found myself struggling to read the red font against the black background. Luckily this option can be changed in the options, and I hope the guys at Coradine will work on any feedback and make the night view's colour scheme slightly easier to read in any future updates. 

Overall I love how simple the app is to use, and how much information is readily available after taking a couple of seconds at the end of the day. Checking EASA's flight time limitations is simple, with a report built into the app giving me my hours from the last 28 days, as well as a visual representation of the hours I legally have remaining this year. Having an app on my phone instead of carrying around my huge logbook every day (I think my flight school decided to give us the biggest, heaviest, hardback logbooks they could find!) means that I've finally started logging my flights daily, and I can easily reference my monthly hours, when I last flew with a captain or when I visited a destination. Using an app rather than a paper logbook has a positive environmental impact too - pilots using LogTen Pro saved over 1,000,000 sheets of paper last year! 

An extended trial of this product was provided free of charge for this review. All thoughts and opinions are solely my own. 

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