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Welcome to Beyond the Flightdeck - a lifestyle and travel blog written by an 23 year old airline pilot.

Whilst I was younger I would get lost every night in a good book, these days I tend to spend more time surfing the Internet and reading my favourite beauty, travel, and aviation blogs. It wasn’t until recently that the idea of starting a blog of my own seemed plausible, for a long time it felt like I wasn’t ready to commit 100% to a project that wasn’t aviation! Now I’m settled in my new home on the Emerald Isle, near Dublin; and I’m full of inspiration and ready to launch my own little space on the Internet. 

I hope that you enjoy following me on my journey as I write about the things I love, beauty products that pass the ultimate test of lasting after a busy 4 sector day flying across Europe, planning a month long adventure next year, as well hoping to show girls out there that aviation isn’t as much of a man’s world as it was 10 years ago. 

Thanks for reading, C

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