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Fear of Flying

I believe that often fear of flying comes from fear of the unknown; in this age of flying it’s harder to communicate with pilots and see what is going behind closed doors. It’s easy for fears to escalate without any answers; are the pilots completely in control, is the plane built to withstand any severe turbulence en route, what is the effect of a certain system failure and how is a giant 70 tonne hunk of metal flying anyway? A conversation with my best friend after she experienced a turbulent flight over Asia made me realise that it’s easy for me to forget that flying is sometimes a negative experience for some of our passengers; I’ve always been excited about getting on an aircraft and the magic of flight! 

I feel incredibly lucky to have to opportunity to control such an incredible machine, easily visit new destinations that were previously almost impossible to reach, and see the World from 37,000ft. I've taken a moment to consider the questions I've previously been asked whilst flying and I'll try and share any answers with a wider audience.  I hope that sharing a little encouragement and knowledge will show those who have a fear of flying that it doesn't have to be such a daunting experience! 

I'll continue to add to this page as I add more articles and tips to Beyond the Flight Deck, and if you have any specific questions or fears then feel free to post in the comments below and I’ll do the best to answer. 

Happy landings!

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